February 2nd

We had such a fun time playing at Remedy on the 22nd, we’ve decided to do it again! This time we will be in the back room. This will allow for a MUCH more comfortable arrangement, better sound quality, and an overall great atmosphere for the night. Go ahead and mark up your calendars, because this night is not far away. There will be limited seating, so try to get there early if you can!

December 22nd

This date keeps bouncing around in my head. This is our first show. Very first. Number one out of what will hopefully become an endless count.

So, because this show is our first and these songs are for the most part very new, we’ve had to spend, or rather, gotten to spend a lot of time working on them. There are some songs that we have played at events or recorded before such as “Nun Laude” or “The Littlest Whip,” but there are tons of songs that no one has even heard yet, such as “New Years Day,” “Voyage of the Wright Flyer,” or  “The Evils.” Whatever song it may be, we have worked on each and every one of them. A lot.

One thing that is very special about this show is that we are not only playing our first show, but for the first time, we will be playing as a bigger group. That means putting together songs as a bigger group. This may make things even harder, but this is the best part. Yes, Aaron and I wrote these songs, but the passion for music that our friends possess and particularly the music they will be playing on this night is what makes these songs.

We can’t wait to share with you what we’ve created. We hope you love it and we hope our hard work is evident in every note.

First Show!

Hey, everyone! Aaron, Rusty, and I are very excited to announce that we will be playing our first show this winter on December 22nd at the fantastic Remedy Coffee in Knoxville, TN! It has been a long 4 years since The Monday Movement was first born and we now feel it is time to unveil the songs that have erupted from our lives during this time. We can’t wait to share this night with family, friends, and hopefully strangers. So, save the date, and you will not be disappointed!