September 25 is our LAST KNOXVILLE SHOW (this year).

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 11.55.23 AM

Let’s make this a big one, Knoxville. Better yet, will you help us make this a big one, Knoxville? We’ve been putting in long hours because we want to give you something you can be proud you spent your hard-earned money on. We want to give you something you can be proud to bring your friends to. We don’t want to recreate our last show. We want to give you something new. So, for the last time in 2015, you can come see us at Knoxville’s very own “The Square Room.” We’re going to have a lot of new songs, some new covers and MAYBE even some new merch so you can show Knoxville that you found us first. Maybe (probably). So help us out, guys. Invite your friends. Invite your family. Invite your classmates. We’re putting together a show you can be proud you attended and we don’t want you to miss it. Buy your tickets here and go ahead and buy an extra for a friend. See you in a month, Knoxville.

Introducing the New Single from The Monday Movement: “Black Lung”

Introducing: Black Lung, the newest song from The Monday Movement. Black Lung is something special to us. It is our first live recording, it is our first live performance music video and it is the first song that we, as a band, kind of just clicked on. Aaron and I have written a lot of songs. Typically, we either write them separately or together and they either get played once and tossed out or they maybe get taught to whomever is playing with us at the time. That was the case with our EP we released this spring. It was a group of songs written with no home to go to. We weren’t really a band yet. We just had a lot of songs up in the air and it was time to do something about that. Well, sometime last summer, Rhett Harken walked into our lives and soon after he and Jon Lucas became, along with Aaron and myself, what you know as The Monday Movement today.

You may have started a band before, and if you haven’t, you most likely have a friend of a friend that started a band. All in all, you have probably heard that it is not easy at all. It is one thing to get four musicians together in a room jamming out to that one song you quickly realize you all know, but you’re venturing into all new territory when you begin trying to write songs together. Trying to not squeeze anyone’s personal style out of them, but somehow trying to make a new style based on how the four of you sound together. It crashes and burns sometimes. That is exactly where the lot of us thought we were heading for the longest time. However, over time, something began to click. I honestly can’t recall right now the amount of songs we tried to write together. I can say, however, that even when we thought we were onto something, it still felt like a desperate attempt to be something we were not. Then, “Black Lung” came along. Something about this song was different. It wasn’t anything I feel like I could have made an effort toward; it just happened naturally.

I wrote this song right about the time that we took the picture that is now the album art on our EP. If you live in Knoxville, you vividly remember that this past winter we had two weeks of snow. Not the typical, light-flurry stuff we are used to. Two weeks of thick, white, blankety snow. Though beautiful, snow can be devastating to some. Something so pure and clean houses so much power to destroy within. This thought brought about “Black Lung.” It’s a song that deals with the battle between beautifying the self vs. being honest with your evils and pursuing a truer effort of just living life. I brought it to the band and we played it. Just like that. There wasn’t any long discussion, no practicing, we just played it. For the first time. That was a good day. Here it is. Please watch the video and we would love for you to download “Black Lung” for free. Big thanks to Knoxville Music Warehouse for the release.

Black Lung by The Monday Movement

The snow left us homebound for so long
Alone in the cold with a warm gun
Reminds me never forget where you’re from

Deep, dark depression on the home-front
Sick with a fever and a black lung
Wrapped him in fur, gave him poison

We don’t cry much anymore
Traded peace for waging war
You and I we know it well
We live a life of living hell
And I want nothing more

Toil, toil, toil, done
Been digging holes to kingdom come
Lay awake at night, in fear of dying
And failing all the things I’m trying

I’ve been shot down
I’ve been stomped out
Beat down and dragged across the ground
Here I am, Here I stand

We don’t cry much anymore
Traded peace for waging war
You and I we know it well
We live a life of living hell
And I want nothing more
Nothing more

2015 The Monday Movement, All Rights Reserved

Two big announcements for the weekend!


Number one:

We have had a lot of requests for lyrics from you guys, so we decided to update our bandcamp page with the lyrics for every song on our EP. Feel free to read away or even host sing-alongs with friends over the weekend!

Number two:

The biggest announcement of the weekend….in celebration of a week anniversary of “Through the Fire/Through the Night” we are offering a full weekend of FREE SHIPPING* on physical copies. If you have been waiting to get your hands on a physical copy because of shipping costs, now is your chance to have one delivered straight to your doorstep and not even have to pay for it.

Thanks again for giving our debut a warm welcome. We have already begun planning on our next big move and we can’t wait to put something else out there for you!


*free shipping only available on orders in the US or Canada. Ends Sunday May 3rd at Midnight

A letter to those that attended our album release show…


Dear attendees,

I don’t believe any of us have ever had so much fun at a show. I don’t believe that we have ever had the honor of playing for such a lovely crowd. You brought such a good energy and such a huge level of respect to both acts and that is sometimes hard to come by as an entry-level band. Hopefully, we got to talk and thank you after the show, but to those that we didn’t, we want you to know how thankful we are for you. We all put in a lot of work to make that night something special and you guys made it better than we could have ever planned. If you missed your chance to get our new record, you can find it here or you can head over to The Blue Mason on Sutherland Avenue in Knoxville, TN, and pickup a copy. This picture is your reward for coming:

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 11.55.23 AM

Until next time,


To all the gear heads…

This is one of those posts that I wish we had written during the thick of tracking the album. Once you get away from all of that, it is hard to remember some of the last minute gear decisions that you made in the studio. I can’t go back in time however, so I will do my best to provide the information I do remember.

A lot of you will find this completely uninteresting and pointless, but to those that love gear and who like to know what made the sounds they are hearing, this should be at least slightly entertaining…here are some of the pedals, amps, guitars and other musical devices we used on this record.



At the beginning of this recording process, we (Jon, Aaron and myself) allotted some money to one another to buy one “critical” pedal each. It was pretty fun for us all to see what we could buy and narrow it down to what we needed and then to what is “critical.”

For myself, I chose a Cusack Tap-A-Whirl. This was really the only tremolo that we used on this record and it added a lot of depth and good textures in songs like “Track 1” (I decided to leave song titles out until after the album release…just to add suspense) and “Track 6.” Overall, it has been a joy on and off the record to play around with this pedal. Definitely one of the most user-friendly, effortless tremolo pedals on the market.

Aaron chose a JHS Pollinator Fuzz. This pedal is huge. If you want to add the biggest foundation you can to a song and still cut through the mix, this is the pedal that will get you there. It was mostly used for low, gutsy stuff on just about every song at some point, but this pedal screams high up and gives you a very interesting germanium fuzz sound especially when paired with some humbuckers or P-90s.

Last but not least, Jon chose a JHS Low Drive, which has since been discontinued by JHS. This is a great one-trick pony. It can basically be a little drive-y or a lot drive-y. It is fantastic for cutting through the mix and adding a little grit where needed and worked wonders on songs like “Track 6” and “Track 4”

As far as other pedals go, my JHS Morning Glory was almost always on during the recording process and every now and then I would stack it with a Walrus Audio Voyager to get really cutting lead tones. As far as Aaron’s drives, he used a lot of natural amp drive and threw in a Walrus Audio Mayflower pretty often.

We used a lot of other random pedals every now and then. We had a varying cycle of delays we circulated…Strymon Timeline, MXR Carbon Copy, Line 6 DL4 and an EHX Memory Man were the primary delays used. For the most part, a Boss RV-5 was the only reverb pedal used.



We were fortunate to have a fairly good arsenal of amps on our first EP. On my tracking day, I set up with a Fender Bassman, a Silvertone 1483, a Reeves Custom 12 and a Fender Princeton. I did tracks with everything from each amp individually to every stereo combination possible.


Aaron and I basically used the same assortment of amps, but he traded out the Bassman and added in a Tophat Supreme 16 in the mix. Jon recorded all of his bass tracks using an Ampeg PF-350



So many guitars. For this section, I will try to keep it a little more concise. I’ll also keep the links to a minimum…

As far as electrics, here is what we used:

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Fender Telecaster ’72 Custom Reissue
Epiphone Sorrento
Duesenberg Starplayer TV
Fender Jazzmaster 62 AVRI
Fender Stratocaster

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

As far as Acoustics, I think we only ended up using two. A Martin 000-18 Golden Era and a Breedlove CR125 Herringbone.

On bass, Jon used a G&L USA L2000 and an Ibanez SR506M.


Although there are a lot of different sounds on this record, basically all of them were made with a Nord Stage 2. Because Andy is an architect of sounds and the Nord is such a killer keyboard, we were able to replicate some incredible sounds on a low budget.


We used synth very sparingly on this record and only used a few different tools.

First, was the Nord. Andy got a lot of unique sounds with the Stage 2.
Secondly, we used a Microkorg.
Last but not least, was a little thing called a Microbrute. And it is incredible. If you are looking for a small synthesizer, this thing is a beast.


In One Month: What to expect on April 24…

Chances are, you haven’t heard us in awhile. That is because we have been tucked away in The War Room, a studio that lies beneath the hills of Harriman, TN, for around two years now.

We are finally out and are set to debut our EP Through the Fire/Through the Night on April 24th. However, a new record is not all that we hope to bring. Here are some things that you can expect on April 24, 2015.

1) An entirely new sound. When we sat down and decided we were going to record this EP, we had a lot of thinking to do. After long nights in the studio, exposure to a lot of incredibly creative and talented musicians and the addition of Rhett Harken and Jon Lucas as members of The Monday Movement, we arrived-well, are arriving at a truly unique sound that we can’t wait to share with you.

2) New songs! That’s right. Something everyone loves. We not only will be playing Through the Fire/Through the Night in its entirety, but we have a few other new songs up our sleeves to show you and who knows, maybe even a cover or two thrown in the mix.

3) A new season. With new songs come new words. Words that you couldn’t quite relate to before and some you just might not relate to until later. As Aaron and I write, we can’t help but spill out whatever season we are in and we want to share that with you. We want each song to be something that grabs hold of each person in the room and says something to them.

As much as I’d love to let you in on more about the show, I would rather you just come and see it for yourself. We have been working hard to make sure this show is worth every penny you spend on it and come April 24, we hope it shows.

See you in one month at The Square Room.


The Monday Movement Presents:

Not in a long time have we been this excited about announcing something.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you The Monday Movement’s debut EP:

Through the Fire/Through the Night

We have been working harder than ever before for a year and a half now and could not be more thrilled to share our accomplishments with you. Along with the release of this record comes the release of another very special project we’ve been working on. Eleanor is a short film/promo video/music video (whatever you prefer to think of it as) that we collaborated on with our brilliant friend Tyler Stooksbury. We aimed to write a story that would carry within it the concept of the album and Tyler was able to bring that story to life. We hope you are as excited about this as we are.

Please help us by sharing this video with your friends. It means more to us than you could ever know. Thanks and we’ll see you at The Square Room in downtown Knoxville, TN on 4/24/2015 for the big release.